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BRAND – 5 Best Tips to Prepare for Your Brand’s Photoshoot

Organize and execute your photoshoot to perfection

The best photoshoots are when the you, your Creative Director and your Photographer all come together to plan, organize and execute your photoshoot to perfection. Photoshoots are expensive and time-consuming so getting it right the first time is critical to the success of your shoot.
There are so many factors that we don’t think about when setting up a great shot. We know we need to get the right shot, in the right location, in the right light – while you look your most amazing self. It is trickery at it’s finest. The more organized you are, the more you will help your creative team get the best possible results. And really who doesn’t want gorgeous images of themselves to plaster all over their websites and social pages?
To help you get prepared for your photoshoot these are my best top 5 tips:
1. Pull Images
Pull a collection of inspirational images that cover all the details you think you will need in your images. Pinterest is your best friend on this task (hanging out on Pinterest is always a problem right?!). Share your boards with your Creative Director or Photographer. This is the list of boards that you will need:
1) Poses – I strongly suggest practising your poses, with a mirror handy, because you will be comfortable when it comes time to shoot the images
2) Wardrobe – a great wardrobe for your shoot is a must to feeling confident on the day of the shoot
3) Hair + Makeup – professionally done makeup can make a photoshoot go from ok to spectacular
4) Prop Ideas such as:
– Flowers – can add charm and character as a backdrop
– Coffee  – holding a coffee or be in a coffee shop – so much texture.
– Laptop – somewhere around you means you’re in business
– Pressed Juices add a fabulous pop of colour to your photo
– Pen and notebook, who doesn’t love the style of great pens, notebook or agenda?
2. Location Ideas
The location of your shoot depends on 2 things.
1) The first being the type of shot you want. Do you want it in your office, in a coffee shop, outside? Choosing the location comes down to the brand presence you want for your images. Are you casual, fabulously fashionable, approachable and professional? Your location will dictate the foundational look for your images.
2) The second issue is lighting and if you’re shooting indoors. Many photographers have incredible skills for shooting outdoors but they have not mastered indoor lighting. If you need to shoot inside, make sure to ask your photographer if they are comfortable lighting the room for the shoot.
3. Hair & Makeup
Discuss your hair and makeup options with your Photographer and Creative Director. My biggest mistake on a client’s shoot years ago was not insisting she had her make-up professionally done. I arrived to style our shoot only to discover that she not only didn’t have any make-up on, she also didn’t have any with her because she doesn’t wear make-up. Horrified by my misstep – the photographer and I started going through our bags looking for a bit of makeup to help our client.
Always discuss with your Creative Director and Photographer ideas for hair and makeup. Makeup is a must to have a great look, your hair professionally styled is not as important but everyone needs a little lift on their face because of lighting and how light translates to images.
4. Wardrobe
To ensure a variety of images I always suggest putting together three wardrobe changes. Put together your clothes / accessories / shoes that you want for the shoot. Try them on, make sure you love the look and everything fits well. Otherwise, I suggest splurging on the exact looks you want to achieve – it will be worth it in the end because you will not only look fabulous but you’ll feel fabulous.
5. Shot List
Your list of shots pulls it all together. By this point, you know your location, you’ve created some poses you want to do at the location, you have your props to add around you, and you have your wardrobe changes prepared. I suggest documenting your shot lists into mood boards for your Photographer and Creative Director. Your photoshoot will be a screaming success and you’ll be thrilled with your gorgeous images.


All the images of inspirational poses I pulled from Pinterest to give you an idea of great looks that are professional yet approachable.





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