Brand Launch Plan

Brand Launch Roll-Out

Often clients spend the time, money and energy creating a new brand or website with little or no fan fair. They’re often disappointed when their beautiful brands did not make the impact they thought they would. Little did they know they just needed to spend a little time and a little more money to create a shake-up in their industry with a rocket-fueled Brand Launch.


Let the Brand Team at Oliver & Spence strategize and create a Launch Plan that is designed to create maximum impact in your industry.  There are a lot of moving parts when creating a Brand Roll-out, which is why we advise letting professionals design, develop and implement your Brand Launch. Book a FREE consult call with Kim our Creative Director, to learn if our approach works for your Brand Launch. 





– Decide on your goals
– Decide what the offer will include
– Create the campaign for launch
– A defined audience, accompanied by a list of 10–100 real, individual people in the target group
– Decide with Media / Social Media Platforms will be used for Launch
– Decide on which Metrics to measure for success
– Create a Promotional schedule with rollback plan

Create Launch

– Prepare Customer Action Plan
– Create Content, Images, Assets for Action Plan
– Create Schedule to Deliver Assets to Action Plan
– Prepare Website for Launch with Sales Landing Page, Product Page, Promotional Information
– Ensure Analytics are in place for Launch
– Create a Post-Launch Plan for Promotion and Brand
– Roll-Out Action Plan

Post Launch

– Follow Up Engagement
– Study Analytics for Success and Corrections for product
– Tweak product / price / landing page based on results
– Roll-Out Post-Launch Follow-Up Plan

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