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Do you struggle with developing strategic plans for your business? Plans that are designed to create momentum for your business? Does the idea of creating a marketing strategy seem overwhelming? Are you just kinda winging it and finding less than stellar results in your business? Work with our Creative Director Kim learn her industry secrets while she act as your brand coach and accountability advisor.


Kim will help you create a success marketing plan designed to develop brand awareness for you business. She will act as your advisor and accountability partner, helping to guide you through the development of your strategic plan. She is happy to work at your pace, however fast or slow you like to work. Kim only works with clients who are willing to commit to growing their business and realize to develop a proper plan requires working together for a minimum of 3 sessions. Kim also offers monthly check-ins to discuss your progress, identify any problems and reset goals for the following month.



Each bundle of 3 sessions includes a Discovery, Development and Launch Plan. To get started, this package includes a FREE 30 Minute meet-and-greet phone call to ensure we’re a fit.  



Building Your Plan

– Learn How to Talk About Your Business
– Decide What You Want To Promote
– Learn How to Reach Your Perfect Client
– Get to Know Your Competitors in the Market and How it Helps to Grow Your Brand
– Learn How to Bundle Your Products to Sell
– Learn Kim’s Promotional Cheatsheet to Develop Your Marketing Calendar
– Create Your Marketing Calendar for the Next 3 Months

Creating Your Goals

– Decide together the marketing goals you want to achieve in the next 3 months
– Create ideas to achieve your marketing goals
– Decide which social platforms you will use to achieve your marketing goals
– Define what success looks like based on your goals
– Learn how to track your success and understand your marketing ROI
– Learn how to create your Social Visual Design.

Book a FREE 30 Minute Call with Kim to Talk About Everything that’s Possible for you and your Business.

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